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Let it Go


Anxiety can arise at the most irrational times. Like when you’re on the perfect summer holiday relaxing by the beach. Seriously?? Just because we slept in (on holidays – what a crime) and had not yet hit the beach by 1pm is not a reason for a minor panic attack!

But that familiar tightening chest and hardening abdomen fired off a warning sign: Rebecca, you have not been meditating.

C’mon – I’m on holidays – surely I don’t need to meditate, right?

Wrong. Ba-bow. Turns out anxiety can arise even when we’re away from the stresses of work – and not even a beach holiday with friends, family and idyllic weather is a substitute for our practice.

So it was straight back on the cushion for me.

It was time to let it all go.

Kick start a meditation with this guided intro, or read at your leisure. xx

Letting go can be tough.

When all around us is encouraging the opposite: to reach, to align, to attach.

Attaching to possessions.

Aligning with political views.

Reaching for targets we’ve set ourselves – and that others have set for us.

We’re taught to have goals. We’re taught to choose sides. Layer by layer creating this identity of who we are in relation to others and the world around us.

From lofty dreams of careers and holiday homes down to choosing a football team, we attach ourselves to things and ideals – devoting ourselves based on some made-up set of criteria to the exclusion of all else.

Aspirations do give us purpose. And they can lead to our expansion. But what we’re not often taught is to recognise when the patterns of striving and reaching have turned into grasping and control – and when these qualities have spilled over into other areas of our life. From who we’re meant to be, to how others should behave, to something as inane as what time we’re “meant” to be on the beach today.

If we can listen to our bodies, it’s usually giving us the answers. Negative emotions such as anxiety, anger, fear and frustration are all signs that we’re holding on too tightly. That we’re sticking steadfastly to ideals that don’t really serve us.


So let’s now nurture an unfamiliar feeling. The feeling of letting go. Not giving up or giving in, but freeing ourselves from stuck thinking and creating space for a new way forward. A path of lesser resistance.

First, get comfortable. Settle yourself with some lovely deep breaths, a straight back and relaxed belly. Set the intention that you’ll honour this precious time for the betterment of yourself and as an example to your loved ones.

When you’re ready, focus on every in-breath, and on the out-breath say to yourself: Let it go.

As simple as that.

Breathe in – let it go

Breathe in – let it go

Let go of the idea that something or someone has to be a certain way.

Let go of strong emotions – and let in one breath at a time.

Let go of the expectations you’ve made up for yourself.

Let go of the guilt for not having reached these standards.

Let go of that voice who’s mocking you for feeling this way.

Let go of resistance – and truly feel what you’re feeling.

Let go of control – for it’s an illusion after all.

Let go of ego – and allow inspiration to flow.

Not thinking too much about what you’re letting go of, but simply breathing and repeating the phrase for the next little while.

Let it go.

Keeping your concentration purely on breathing in and letting go and when you find you’ve become distracted bringing yourself back with kindness and without judgement.

Let it go.

Connecting with the present moment breath by breath and listening to your body as you release the grip – and feel any fear, anxiety or anger slowly wash away.

Let it go.

Let it go.

Let it go.

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