Hi, I’m Bec. I help busy overthinkers who struggle with stress, anxiety, and overwhelm to instead experience the life-changing gifts of mindfulness.

Rebecca Crozier, The Modern Meditator. Mindfulness Meditation Teacher, Outer Eastern Suburbs Melbourne


(Without the woo)


Do you ever find yourself having these thoughts?

“Anxiety holds me back.”

“Will I be able to sleep tonight?”

“My leg shakes and I don’t even realise it.”

“I blow up a lot – then regret it.”

“I avoid conflict like the plague.”

“My usual ways of blowing off steam are fun – but I know they don’t serve me.”

“I seem to catch every thing going round.”

“I catch myself holding my breath.”

“My inner critic is a right b*tch.”

“I hyper focus on the one thing that went wrong.”

“I’m going through some big life-things at the moment and just need to calm the F down.”

I feel you. I assure you – you’re not the only one.


my story starts here⤑
Rebecca Crozier, The Modern Meditator. Mindfulness Meditation Teacher, Outer Eastern Suburbs Melbourne

In 2012, when my anxiety had grown into full-blown panic… I took my first mindful breath.

But it wasn’t the first time I’d experienced what the hell is wrong with me? type panic. Seventeen years earlier, after ending high school on a high, I found myself in the trenches of a surprisingly hostile new world: university.

No familiarity. No support. No six-year-long friendships. Just me, a bunch of strangers, and the only strategy I knew: fake it till you make it.

After months of feigning confidence and suppressing groundlessness, one day, my body did some grounding of its own.

I blacked out in my cousin’s lounge room.

When I came to, my aunty informed me: You’ve just had a panic attack.

Panic attack? No. I reject that. So, I suppressed that. I dusted myself off and went back to pretending I had it all together.

And I did for while.

But faking it only gets you so far. The real healing comes when you stop denying your emotions and start respecting them enough to see what they really need from you.

PANIC, the sequel⤑
Rebecca Crozier, The Modern Meditator. Mindfulness Meditation Teacher, Outer Eastern Suburbs Melbourne

The next time panic came to visit, Tracy Grimshaw came calling. The story landed on A Current Affair.

My 2012 employer, a prominent Melbourne city bridal boutique was slowly – and secretly – going bankrupt. Hundreds of distraught brides were being left without their wedding dresses – and I was being squeezed out of a job.

By the time A Current Affair aired the story, I definitely wasn’t ‘making it’ by ‘faking it’. On the verge of a nervous breakdown; heart racing, short of breath, and walls closing in… I conceded:

I’m no different to my parents.

Growing up around anger, anxiety, depression, addiction, and PTSD – I started to wonder – is it my turn to lose my mind?

The Modern Meditator. Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Outer Eastern Suburbs Melbourne

Then I discovered the book that would change everything.

Having decided destiny must be a pill box bearing my name, life prescribed an alternative. A curious book, laying casually on a friend’s kitchen bench, whose title would stop me in my tracks.

Finding Happiness in an Uncertain World
by David Michie

I’d been holding my breath in fear for weeks – this title took my breath away.

I bought myself a copy. I devoured every page. I sat down to meditate.

I wanted what David had.

From that first awkward sit, I experienced almost instant relief and a powerful feeling that things were going to be OK.

Thanks to David’s relatable story of a highly-strung PR professional popping pills for stress-related hives, I was armed with a new strategy: mindfulness meditation. I now had the power to try something different to the coping tools I’d seen my parents use.

Rebecca Crozier, Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Outer Eastern Suburbs Melbourne

Today it’s my mission to help others tread the mindful path to mental health and happiness.

Since that fortuitous day in my friend’s kitchen, I’ve been studying, practising, experimenting, blogging, and teaching others about this path to inner peace, courage, and real happiness.


What is real happiness?

Real happiness is the kind that doesn’t pit joy against sadness.

That knows nothing lasts – and everything changes.

That can look around and spot insane beauty… in the TV remote control.

That can feel like the pits for a while – and know nothing’s wrong.

Real happiness is sometimes described as contentment… though, not to be confused with complacency.

You find it when you start making friends with yourself. 

Become your own biggest cheerleader.

The one who encourages you; despite your cellulite, despite your laziness, despite your cowardice.

Real happiness is found in the place where you can admit your angers, hatreds, jealousies and shames.

And you can finally utter the words about yourself: I love you.

This is me:


P.S. I’m no-one’s guru.

I’m not a guru. I’m not a psychologist, I’m not a therapist. I’m a regular person who struggles as much as the next… who stumbled upon a philosophy that made a lot of sense.

With the support of mindfulness I’ve been able to heal, change, and grow in lots of different ways.

• Become calmer and less reactive
• Understand my emotions including anxiety
• Be better with conflict
• Face my fear of public speaking (and appear in a live interview on national TV!)
• Give a crap about others… including animals
• Qualify as a meditation teacher
• Be reasonably grounded during covid (I said reasonably)
• Experience bliss folding socks and undies (true story)
• Not speak for 3 full days… and blow my mind (also true)

And while I’m also not a Buddhist, the Buddhist philosophy I do get on board with is this:

Here is a path that I believe has value – but don’t take it from me. Try it for yourself and make up your own mind.

How might mindfulness help you to heal, change and grow?

Phew! That was a lot. If you’ve stuck with me this far, perhaps it’s time to connect further.

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    Think meditation is all lotus position and ohm’s? Think again. Thanks to Bec (aka the Modern Meditator) I learnt that meditation takes so many forms and can be almost whatever you want, whenever you want, and where ever you are.

    KYM B

    Bec is amazing! I undertook Bec’s meditation course while in Melbourne’s lockdown and it eased my stress, helped me learn how to get to sleep much faster, and reminded me of gratitude during a difficult time.

    LUCY S

    In stricter traditional approaches, you are required to change yourself to match the meditation technique. In Bec’s modern approach to meditation you choose and build upon techniques that custom match you. 


    Bec’s got the perfect voice for meditation and her knowledge and passion is obvious. Thank you for a fantastic experience, Bec. I would highly recommend this to anyone.

    LIZ D