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I wrote recently about the goal of mindfulness meditation being simply about watching what our mind is doing one moment to the next (thinking, focusing, wandering) and trying not to put “metrics” or “KPIs” on the practice (e.g.: If I can reach 10 breaths without any thoughts then my meditation will be a success.)

But something that we can achieve (if we must) by showing up to practice as consistently as possible, is a beautiful level of present moment awareness that, in my experience, can turn even the most mundane, routine tasks into little moments of magic. And with that, a side order of soul-nourishing, real happiness that no cigarettes, caffeine, drink, drug or vice could ever hope to compete with.

What I’m talking about is a warm buzz or energy that washes over you during unexpected moments doing boring things like folding the washing or doing the dishes. Not every time. But sometimes. And when it does, the ‘aha! moment’ that lets us know we are 100% on the right track.

(But seriously? What soul-nourishing magic can come from pairing socks and scrubbing pots?)

Give this meditation a try. xx

This moment is ripe for the picking.

Just like a juicy peach.

Imagine taking a bite; feel your teeth pierce the firm and fuzzy skin and your tongue squelch against the soft fleshy fruit. You taste the sweet and tangy juice and feel the cool nectar drizzle down your wrist.

Life could be as vivid as tasting this juicy peach. All we need to do is stop and pay attention to the finer details of our experience.

Even the mundane ones.

Like driving to work. Not a mind-numbing routine to tune out from till our destination, but a road trip of sights and sounds and speeds; an adventure of the senses. The vibrant colours of landscapes and street signs. The interesting shapes of buildings and architecture. All the different shades of all the different cars; the shiny chrome features; the individuals behind the wheels.

Like folding the washing. Not a chore that’s getting in the way of what we really want to be doing, but the chance to stop for 10 minutes and drop into our body. Taking in all the colours, and different weaves of fabric. Feeling the textures against our fingers. Breathing in the lovely scent of newly-laundered clothing. Connecting this task to those we love, or simply, to ourselves.

Like doing the groceries. Just pushing the trolley to get through the list, or a ripe opportunity to feel connected to something greater than ourselves? All the different people we’ve never met but with whom have something in common. That they tread the same aisles. That they’re thinking about what meals to prepare.

All the different foods and products on the shelves, and all the people near and afar that were involved in producing that food. From the farmers to the pickers to the food technicians to the marketing teams. How many countless people just like us, who also push their trolleys, who were involved in producing this food that we are about to enjoy?

Driving, washing, groceries.

All ripe situations ready to be picked and enjoyed and savoured.

And each new day brings a new fruit to be tasted, never exactly the same colour, flavour or texture as before.


For this meditation consider each moment as you sit here as ripe for the picking.

Each moment as you sit here as deserving as that juicy peach to give your full and undivided attention.

Your breath. Your body. Your emotions. Your surroundings.

To relish a single moment fully until it passes on its own. Not rushing it through impatiently or ignoring it in favour of distractions.

Just appreciating each and every aspect of experience; whether sight, sound, texture or smell.

Giving your senses the space and the freedom of your awareness to spread their wings and really do what they were designed to do.

To receive non-judgementally.


2 thoughts on “Ripe”

  1. Lisa says:

    Really powerful stuff here, Bec. Thank you! I love these analogies you’re making. Yet another way you’re making mindfulness so accessible to all xx

    1. Rebecca Crozier says:

      Thanks Lis x Happy they make sense to others too!

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