Breath Meditation



I read somewhere that as adults we make around 35,000 decisions a day. 35,000! It’s no wonder I get to the end of the day can’t even fathom what to cook for dinner, let alone what to put on the grocery list.

There’s the decisions, and then there’s the pressure to make the right decisions – especially when we’re making them for others. Our kids, our partners, our colleagues – our dogs! When another’s livelihood or wellbeing is at stake, it feels like 35,000².

Which is why meditation should be in everyone’s toolbox. We can reach for it and take the mental mini-break we need and deserve. It’s not a luxury! It’s a basic necessity.

And to quote Heather Locklear from a 90s Loreal commercial (think big hair and black roots):

“Because you’re worth it.” xx

We all have responsibilities. We’re all leaders of some kind. Taking charge in one form or another – whether we’re in business, a stay-at-home parent or single twenty-something – the decisions we face are countless.

There are the epic but infrequent ones – should I spend the rest of my life with this person? Should we move or renovate?

And there are those more routine but relentless. What will I wear to work today? What will we have for dinner? Will I like or comment on this person’s post, or will I keep scrolling?

And without any awareness of what modern life has become, we could easily find ourselves suffocating. Drowning in decisions.

But we should know, through meditation, we can take a mental holiday from all the permutations and combinations of dinners and play dates and career moves.

Through meditation, we can step down from CEO any old time we like. Swap the general’s hat for a sunhat and become a blissful follower. Even if only for a few moments.

A follower free from decisions. A follower free from guilt.

Following the breath in – and following it out.

Letting it lead the way, seeing where it takes us.

In through the nose – cool and awakened. Out through the mouth – warm and comfortable.

Happily following behind the breath.

Relaxing into following.

No choices to be made. No responsibilities to bear.

Meandering blissfully behind. Enjoying the journey.

Following it in. And following it out.

Being the passenger. Letting the breath be our guide.

No fires to put out. No problems to solve. Just following the breath in and following the breath out.

Letting go of control. Leaning into simplicity.

Carefree and light and open.

Knowing we can take this break whenever we please, for however long we desire. No permission required from our bosses, no consulting with our partners.

Just following our breath in and following it out. For 10 seconds or 10 minutes.

Being a blissful follower.


For the remainder of the meditation continue following the breath in and following it out.

Observing how far the in-breath travels – to the nose, throat, chest or belly.

And how it feels on the way out.

Following it in. Where does it stop? Following it out. How does it feel?

Just watching the breath. Following where it goes.

Happy following. Embracing this downtime.



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